Structural Testing Department

The Structural Testing Department at Glanbury’s provides our Clients with a range of structural testing and investigation services focused on giving accurate and structure-specific condition assessments which will allow for cost effective repair and rehabilitation solutions to be prepared.
The aim of the Department is to provide rapid, reliable and structure focused testing services using the latest testing equipment and methodologies.  Testing and investigations services include:

Structural Surveys

  • Inspection and defect mapping
  • Measurement and structural assessments
  • Structural drawings

Concrete Testing

  • In-situ compressive strength of concrete;
  • Corrosion studies of embedded reinforcement;
  • In-situ quality of the concrete
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity surveys
  • Crack investigations and assessment
  • Permeability
  • Pull-Off testing
  • Assessment of deterioration mechanisms
  • Chemical and laboratory investigations
  • Diamond coring

Coating Investigations

  • Visual inspection
  • In-situ thickness measurements
  • Adhesion testing

Water Reservoirs

  • Above and below ground
  • Towers