Reservoir Refurbishment

Glanbury Water Services provide detailed reports on the internal and external condition of the reservoir as part of their Cleaning & Chlorination works. These reports include an assessment of the reservoir and any recommendations on works required to bring the structure up to a standard required top store and distribute “Clean, Safe Drinking Water”

Where Hydrolytic Corrosion has occurred on the internal surfaces, this leads to concrete and steel corrosion and leakage of treated water. This corroded area can also become a Bacteriological breeding ground.

Glanbury Water Services refurbishment of Reservoirs results in significant benefits to the Client, including major improvements in water quality, prevention of water leakage and consequent cost reduction in chemical dosage requirements.

Regular Cleaning, Chlorination and Inspection programmes of Reservoirs and Distribution networks are essential to maintaining high quality water and controlling operational costs of the water infrastructure.

The refurbishment programme includes:

  • High Pressure Cleaning & Chlorination to BS8558 Standards
  • Certification to BS8558 Standards
  • Complete Internal External Condition Survey & Reports
  • Structural Testing Department
  • Complete refurbishment using DWI approved products
  • Roof repairs & protective linings
  • Complete upgrading complying to S.I. 278 of 2007 Standards
  • Emergency leakage repairs
  • Internal ladders & platform replacement
  • Access ladders, handrail, vents & hatch replacement
  • Overburden excavation and replacement
  • Erection of security fencing